Wednesday, July 20, 2011

call me doogie houser

I have to get used to all this blog business.  When I'm typing, I feel like Doogie...
So I thought I'd post something that doesn't really require much writing: pictures of my girls.  We were on our way home from 2 (yes, 2 in the same day) family reunions & spotted a beautiful red barn that was calling our name.  Besides the ant bites, it was a good stop!  I love to take pictures. I've done a wedding, a family shoot, a reception, & then a million shots of my own.  I love capturing moments for my girls because I know that I am in charge of their memories.  We've been to a couple of places that I thought were pretty special & memorable (like Turpin's parents' farm), & Annabelle asks what this place is & proceeds to explain that she doesn't remember it.  What?!?  You mean ALL these things we do (to quote The Killers) you don't remember?!  Well, I can accept that.  I know that the experiences make them better people... not neccesarily remembering each detail.  So, I'll be the good mom & take a million pictures & videos so that they can hold their memories dear one day... I'd give anything to have tons of pictures & videos of me as a child (I'm sure myself & Addie would be identical in our looks & actions!)

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